New Bridge of Gandzak

This bridge lies over the river Gandzak, in the town of the same name in Northern Artsakh—a region that suffered deportation of its Armenian population in 1988 and has been annexed to Azerbaijan since then. On 26 June 1870, the river overflowed its banks and damaged the wooden bridge connecting the left-bank quarters of the town with Kilisakyand Quarter located on its right side. __11. Kavkaz, 1870, No. 76, p. 2 (the original in Russian). Prior to that, late in February of the same year, the construction of a new bridge had started in Gandzak with a budget of 70,000 roubles allocated by the Government, including 20,000 roubles for the stone part of the future monument. By the end of June, the bridge was almost completed, representing a structure of quite a remarkable composition: “…the foundations of the bridge were within 12 sazhens of its piers, but despite that long distance, it was to have lattice girders of iron and not ordinary arches.” __22. Kavkaz, 1870, No. 76, p. 2 (the original in Russian).

In 1880 a correspondent of the Kavkaz wrote: “The iron bridge of Ganjinka… is a magnificent structure of stone piers…” __33. Ix. The Principal Town of the Province: Yelisavetpol. In: Kavkaz, 1880, No. 243, pp. 1-2 (the original in Russian).