Metz (Hin) Bridge of Banants

Metz (Greater) Bridge, which is also known as Hin (Older) Bridge, lies over the river Artinajoor, at the south-eastern extremity of Banants Village, Karhat (Dashkesan) District, Northern Artsakh—a region that suffered deportation of its Armenian population in 1988 and has been annexed to Azerbaijan since then—at an altitude of 916 metres above sea level. All its parts are built of undressed stone and mortar, except the cornerstones of the vault-bearing arch, which are finely-finished. Special mention should be made of two vaulted inner rooms—one on either side of the bridge—that used to serve as guardrooms, guest chambers or a custom house. The building peculiarities of this single-span bridge are typical of the 17th century.

Span length: 9.25 metres; passage width: 4.90 metres; geographical coordinates: N 40°33°08.70,°° E 46°09°04.99.°°