Mazi Bridge

Mazi Bridge is located across one of the left tributaries of the river Karkar, at the south-western extremity of Stepanakert, the capital of the Republic of Artsakh (RMK). It represents a single-span structure of undressed stone and mortar (the cornerstones of the vault-bearing arch are finely-finished). According to an inscription (see it in the Armenian text) engraved on the capstone of the finely-finished arch of the current-resisting facade [namely the facade looking up-stream] of the bridge, it was erected in 1825.

Transl.:In the year 1274 (1825).

Published for the first time.

Span length: 4.13 metres; passage width: 7.68 metres; geographical coordinates: N 39°48°27.39,°° E 46°46°02.98.°°