Kotratz (Broken) Bridge

The bridge used to stretch over the river Hakari, south-west of Meghvadzor Village, Kashatagh District, Republic of Artsakh (RMK): “Senegh Kyopri [Kotratz Bridge], which is totally reduced to ruins now, has only a single standing wall without any inscription. Apparently, once it represented an immense bridge built quite strongly and beautifully, but alas, it proved unable to resist the fierce current of the Hagari… it is constructed of finely-finished black stone.” __11. Ter-Gaspariants, A. Travel to Ghapan. In: Meghu Hayastani, 1885, No. 101, p. 3 (the original in Armenian). Exactly a century later, in 1985, the only vestige of this multi-span bridge was its right-end span (length: 7.77 metres; width: 3.25 metres), which is now (2009) destroyed. The composition and building peculiarities of the bridge are typical of the 12th to 13th centuries.

Geographical coordinates: N 39°34°02.04,°° E 46°34°08.46.°°