Kare (Stone) Bridge

The bridge (Kare, i.e. built of stone, is the name with which the local people used to refer to it) extends in quite a deep and extremely narrow section of the river Pokr Kurak, close to prominent rocks towering on both sides of the gorge, 1.5 kilometre north-east of Buzlukh Village, Shahumian District—stripped of its Armenian population and annexed by Azerbaijan since 1992—around 300 metres north of a cemetery preserved in a site called Gyune. Its building peculiarities trace it back to the 18th century, its construction being traditionally ascribed to Pullu Tiuny from Manashid. __11. Ghahramanian, K. A Home Book. Relics. Yerevan, 2002, p. 45 (the original in Armenian). The cornerstones of the vault-bearing arch—the vault is semi-circular—that stretch in two rows are finely-finished, but the stones used in the other parts of the bridge are either totally undressed, or semi-finished.

Span length: 3.4 metres; passage width: 3.7 metres; height above water level: 8.7 metres.