Bridges Named Mazi (Geti Gomeri)

This name is used with reference to two adjacent bridges lying in the middle of the road running from Mataghis towards Jraberd via the valley of the river Trtu (Tartar), on the border-line between Metzshen and Tonashen Villages, Martakert District, Republic of Artsakh (RMK). According to a preserved construction inscription (see it in the Armenian text), the second of these bridges was built in 1902 through master Abraham Kamaliants’s efforts, with the financial assistance of Harutiun Hayrapetiants from Tonashen:

Transl.: This bridge was erected in 1902 with the means of Harutiun Hayrapetian from Tonashen Village. The master of this bridge is Abraham Kamaliants from Gyune Jartar, 1902.

Published for the first time.

Adjoining this bridge are the remnants of another similar monument which is evidently older—probably, dating from the Middle Ages—and is certain to have been reduced to ruins much earlier (its left-bank pier is comparatively better preserved).

Unfortunately, the bridge known by the names Mazi, or Geti Gomeri was blown up in the aftermath of hostilities during the liberation struggle of Artsakh. At present the site is occupied by a new bridge of metal which is situated in a position higher than the annihilated one.

Mazi Bridge used to have a span length of 8.62 metres with a passage width of 4.20 metres, its height above water level amounting to 10.75 metres.