Bridge of Yesayi

The bridge of Yesayi, which goes back to the late 18th century, used to extend across the river Ishkhanaget in the vicinity of Salakyatin Village—formerly populated by Turks—Hadrut District, Republic of Artsakh (RMK). Its builders were Baba Bey Melik-Bakhtamiants’s father and his grandfather on maternal line, Isay Dayi, both of them from Togh Village in origin. In 1842 a certain Zehnali and Mezhnu from the adjacent Turkish village of Salakyatin destroyed the monument __11. National Archives of Armenia, fund 57, list 1, file 3, p. 79 (the original in Armenian). (in the same year, Baba Bey Melik Bakhtamiants informed Aslan Bey Atabekiants about this). __22. Father Topchian H. List of the Collections by Archimandrite Khachik Dadian, part 2, Vagharshapat, 1900, p. 27 (the original in Armenian).