Bridge of Shen

The bridge of Shen is situated over a tributary in the vicinity of a spring called Sheni, in Mariamadzor Village, Hadrut District, Republic of Artsakh (RMK).

The bridge bears three inscriptions carved on separate stones (see the originals in the Armenian text). One of them reports the year of its construction, i.e. 1869.

Six lines in the Armenian original carved on the current-resisting facade (the facade looking up-stream) of the bridge:

Transl.: This spring and bridge are in memory of our parents, David and Grigor Asriyan, 1869.

Engraved on the capstone of the arch:

Transl.: Grigor Asriyan … I, usta, built…

Carved on the north-eastern part of the bridge:

Transl.: …Shati David…

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