Bridge of Mahtesy Aran

The bridge is found at the south-eastern extremity of Avetaranots Village, Askeran District, Republic of Artsakh (RMK), at the beginning of a road leading to Jaghatsner Village, at an altitude of 1,023 metres above sea level.

According to its construction inscription (42 x 30 centimetres), it was erected in 1663.

Four lines in the Armenian original (see it in the Armenian text):

Transl.: This bridge is in memory of Mahtesy Aran, in the year 1112 (1663).

Published for the first time.

Note: Mahtesy is a title used with reference to Christian believers who are known to have gone to Jerusalem on pilgrimage.

Span length: 6 metres; passage width 3.10 metres; height above water level: 4.35 metres; geographical coordinates: N 39°42°13.73,°° E 46°50°21.57.°°