Bridge of Hin Taghaser

The bridge (span length: 3.68 metres; passage width: 2.90 metres) stretches over the Przaget flowing at the western extremity of the village site of Hin Taghaser (Hingshen, Hinshen), 1.5 kilometre north-east of Verdnashat Village, Hadrut District, Republic of Artsakh (RMK).

According to an inscription (see it in the Armenian text), carved on two finely-dressed stones (130 x 44 centimetres) set in the downstream-looking face of the left pier of the bridge, it goes back to the year 1763.

Five lines in the Armenian original:

Transl.: This bridge is in memory of Yapon Yekan’s son Paghtasar, Pers’s spouse. May you pray for his soul just once. In the year 1212 (1763).

The Armenian original published in: Corpus Inscriptionum Armenicarum, part 5, Yerevan, 1982, p. 190 (the original in Armenian).