Bridge of Halivor

The bridge of Halivor lies over the river Ishkhanaget, 2 kilometres south-west of Metz Taghk Village, Hadrut District, Republic of Artsakh (RMK). According to its construction inscription (42 x 30 centimetres)—seven lines in the Armenian original—preserved on its facade looking downstream, it was built in 1835 (see the inscription in the Armenian text).

Transl.: This bridge is in memory of Gevorg’s son Harutiun. I built it for my parents. May passers-by pray for their souls, 1284 (1835).

Published for the first time.

Span length: 5.50 metres; passage width: 3.0 metres; geographical coordinates: N 39°36°39.26,°° E 46°56°01.40.°°