Bridge of Ashot Yerkat

This single-span bridge, whose construction is traditionally ascribed to King Ashot the Iron (10th century), stretches over the river Shamkor, at the foot of Charek Castle. Except for the cornerstones of the vault-bearing arch, which are finely-finished, all its other parts are laid with undressed stone and mortar. It is not certain when exactly it went to ruin, but this must have happened much earlier than the 1890s, for in 1893 a visitor wrote: “Down the castle, a stone-built bridge used to extend across the river. Its arch has collapsed, and now some pieces of wood cover its site, horrifying all those trying to cross the river. This bridge is in a state of utter destruction and dilapidation. No matter how cautiously you take your steps, all the pieces of wood shake while you are passing. I wonder who that poor wretch is that will one day fall into the deep river once this rotten heap of wood collapses underneath his feet…” __11. Smbat M. Antiquities in the Neighbourhood of Getabek. In: Nor-Dar, 1893, No. 36, p. 2 (the original in Armenian). At present two piers constitute all the remnants of the bridge.